Step 5 - Generate UNLIMITED Leads on Autopilot

Want REPEAT Buyers That Make You Sales and Profits EVERY DAY...and Even Profit From Everyone Who DOESN'T Buy From You?

Generate Unlimited FREE Targeted Leads in ANY Niche on 100% Autopilot…and Even Start Your Own 6-Figure Lead Generation AGENCY in minutes

Capture UNLIMITED Leads and Turn Them Into Repeat BUYERS Automatically

Increase Reach, Revenue, & Re-Target Users On Desktop And Mobile

Convert Visitors 
Into FREE Leads

With 1-click subscription and no forms to fill, easily convert your visitors into subscribers.

Near Instant Real-time Communication

Push Notifications give real-time access to your subscribers, and instant repeat traffic.

Engage Mobile Users 
Without An App

Interact with your mobile visitors directly by sending native notifications - no app needed.

Higher Opt-in and 
Conversion Rates

With no personal details required, get higher opt-in and better conversions.

Send Personalized Notifications

Target particular individuals by sending personalized offers based on their interests.

100% REAL Hyper Targeted 
Automatic FREE Leads

No fake signups or spoofed or undeliverable email addresses to worry about.

Works On Virtually ANY 
Website Even 3rd Party

Get signups from self-hosted and even 3rd party platforms like Clickfunnels.

Achieve Open Rates 
 Up To 80% or Higher

Messages get viewed because there’s no SPAM filter, junk folder, or promotions tab.

Enjoy Conversion Rates
Up To 15% or Higher

Targeted messages + captive audience without competition = epic conversions.

ZERO Competition And 
Total Domination

Messages delivered directly to subscribers' devices or browsers instead of crowded inbox.

100% Cloud-Based 
and Newbie Friendly

No technical skills required. If you can copy-paste… you’re good to go. Fully cloud-based.

Commercial License - Sell 
Lead Generation To Clients

Help businesses generate MORE leads & charge them every month for your services.

Generate An Unlimited Supply Of Targeted Leads In Just 3 Steps…

1-Click Automation

Create ‘Unblockable’ Subscribe Alerts In Just 1-Click. (copy-paste a line of code to any website)

Automatic Leads

Website Visitors Subscribe in Just 1 Click WITHOUT Filling Out a Form with Name and Email Address.

Sales & Profit

Create Messages and Promos and Send Them Directly To Your Leads' Laptop and Mobile Screens

Marketers & Businesses Around The World Are Using Eternaleads…

Tired Of Failing Miserably At Generating Leads?

  • NO MORE spending hundreds & thousands of dollars in creating Lead Magnets
  • NO MORE running expensive paid ads on Facebook & other social media platforms
  • NO MORE hiring agencies that promise you the moon & the stars along with Leads
  • ​NO MORE spending countless hours & thousands of dollars creating videos to get Leads from social media & YouTube
  • NO MORE buying useless tools to create optin forms to collect Leads

Effortlessly Generate Thousands Of Fresh, Highly Targeted Leads Every Day…

  • Turn all website visitors (cold traffic) into hot leads with stunning subscription alerts in a flash 
  • Simply copy-paste a line of code on your website to generate leads without lifting a finger
  • Transform your websites & blogs into a lead generation machine
  • ​Start a side hustle selling subscription alerts as a service to customers for a one-time fee, monthly fee or a certain amount per 100 leads.
  • Send promos to leads directly inside Eternaleads dashboard for fast and easy sales and commissions.
  • All in ONE lead generation and marketing solution.

Your Websites and Blogs Are Leaking Leads, Sales & Profits

Around 5 billion people browse the internet every day.  And on average visitors spend just a few seconds on any website…

If within that time something catches their attention they stay… otherwise they just leave to NEVER come back again.

So your websites are leaking prospects every single day because anyone who doesn't buy leaves and you lose the chance to turn them into customers.

This Is The Old Way Of Generating Leads

Show banner asking for name and email address on your website
Visitors fill in the details (sometimes fake info) and click continue
Then they need to go to inbox, open email, and click link to verify

Today You Can Generate Leads ONLY If You Make It Point-N-Click Easy

Now send subscription alerts to your website visitors on both desktop or mobile devices.

These work in real-time and give you a new way to re-engage customers who are already using your website…

… without the need for any personal details like email, name, or other contact details.

Today when internet users want everything point-n-click simple…

… using subscription alerts to add them to your list is the easiest & fastest way.

Because now instead of visitors clicking away and leaving forever, you can turn them into leads in 1 click...

and then promote products to them over and over!

Here Are 6 REASONS Why You’re Going To Fall In Love With Subscription Alerts… 

They are delivered instantly to users’ desktop and mobile devices. There is no mailbox for the user to scan through or annoying ads.
With Subscription Alerts… you could see over 18% click-through rates.
No need to convince your website visitor to share their email address.  So no more lost leads or fake email addresses.
You don’t need to craft an email… no need to waste hours hassling with writing copy or formatting HTML for mobile.
A recent survey says that more than 70% of website visitors value push messages and accept opt-in for the service.
Push notifications with personalized messages reach open rates up to 80% and click rates of up to 30%.

But Creating This Cutting-Edge Tech Yourself Can Be A Painful Process… 

(Or Not!)


Here’s What You’re Going To Need To Know Or Learn…

JavaScript on the frontend...

NodeJS on the backend...

ExpressJS for the API...

MongoDB for storing data (using mongoosejs)...

Web-push for sending push messages...


But What If You SKIP All The Expenses & The Headaches…

& Get Started In The Next 2 Minutes?

  • What if you could generate a continuous new stream of targeted leads AUTOMATICALLY without buying complicated tools or paying expensive freelancers & agencies
  • What if you don’t have to beg or bribe for email addresses or get fake email addresses users will never check later
  • What if you can achieve near 100% message open rate, instant delivery, higher click and conversion rates
  • ​What if you face no competition, no SPAM complaints, no junk folder or promotions tab
  • What if you never have to worry about getting shut down

#1 Auto-Lead Generation System

Put Lead Generation On Steroids

Turn every website visitor into a targeted lead completely hands-free and automatic.
Create alerts asking visitors to subscribe in 1 click without filling in names and emails.
Send offers to your leads in the dashboard to make hands free sales and commissions.

Simply Point-N-Click To Create and Customize Jaw-Dropping Alerts In Seconds…

Create and Customize STUNNING Messages and Promos In Seconds…

Ditch The Competition, Spam Complaints, Junk Folders Or Promotions Tabs… 
and Send Messages and Promos To Your Leads Directly On Their Laptop/Mobile Screens

Being Used By Top Marketers & Businesses Around The World…

Auto-Lead Generation • Copy-Paste 1 Line Of Code • Unlimited Sales & Profits

Generate Unlimited Free Targeted Leads In Seconds

Easy, Simple, Automatic and FREE Lead Generation

Simply add 1 line of code and Eternaleads generates unlimited free targeted leads FOR YOU.

You don’t need any coding knowledge. Eternaleads is 100% newbie-friendly. If you can point-n-click… you’re good to go.

Create stunning alerts, collect UNLIMITED free targeted leads, send them personalized messages/offers & make INSANE profits.

Generate Targeted Leads Automatically

Just copy-paste 1 line of code (auto-generated by Eternaleads) on any website and start adding subscribers as fast as in minutes from now.

Convert every visitor/casual browser (who would have left your website without converting into a paying customer) into a highly targeted free lead.

This works for desktop, tablet & mobile visitors so you can generate leads from every visitor automatically.

Visitors To Subscribers In 1 Click

Effortlessly generate leads without annoying your visitors… or making them do any work at all – even if it’s just filling out a form.

No need to ask for name, email or any other information.

Eternaleads makes it 1-click simple for your visitors to subscribe and become leads.  And you can send them messages and promos to make sales over and over.

So your leads are like an unlimited income stream.

100% Real Targeted Subscribers

Fed up with fake signups or undeliverable email addresses?

With Eternaleads you generate ONLY 100% genuine leads.

Subscribers are NOT required to fill in any of the details. Our brand new technology effortlessly turns every visitor into a highly targeted free lead.

There are absolutely NO CAPS on the number of leads you can generate.  So generate leads and send messages to make sales and commissions.

Watch Eternaleads In Action

Get Ready For Jaw-Dropping Results

We setup a simple test and Eternaleads generated 100s of leads automatically...
Then we sent a few test messages and LOOK at the results!  

And we didn't even test, tweak, or optimize yet...  Just imagine the results you'll get when you're really using it!

Achieve Unprecedented Results…

Enjoy Open Rates Up To 80%

The overall average open rate for an email is 16.97%...

Eternaleads helps you increase that by over 370%.

Watch your open rates skyrocket… as your messages get viewed because there’s no SPAM filter, junk folder, or promotions tab to block or divert your messages.

And you know what that means…

more open rates = more people viewing your message = more conversions = more profits.

Boost Conversion Rates Up To 15%

With Eternaleads… you not only have your messages seen by a lot more people… it also boosts conversions.

Where normally conversion rates hover around 2-3%... with Eternaleads they shoot up to 15%.

Again that’s a 5X jump… which means your profits increase by 500%.

How does EteraLead do that? Simple…

Targeted Messages + Captive Audience Without Competition = Epic Conversions

Full-Blown Stats Dashboard

With our pro stats dive deep into how your notifications are performing using measurable statistics like:
  • List growth
  • Growth by website
  • Message views and clicks
… know exactly where your results are coming from and what’s working.

Zero Competition

Eternaleads eliminates ALL competition that you face with other channels of engagement.

Your emails get lost in a sea of other promotional emails & end up in junk or spam folders. Your ads on social media are missed while your audience scrolls newsfeed, photos & videos.

But a personalized message on your screen is impossible to miss or ignore. With Eternaleads your messages are delivered directly to subscribers' devices or browsers instead of crowded inboxes. 

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile SignUps

 Add Subscribers From Desktop, Tablet, AND Mobile Devices All In One…

Works On Virtually Any Website

Get Signups From Self-Hosted And Even 3rd Party Platforms Like These...

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Messages

Message Mobile Phones, Tablets, Desktops, And Laptops Directly

Real-Time Messaging

Your Messages Get Delivered In Seconds Instead Of Waiting Hours Stuck In Mail Queues.  Run Time-Sensitive Campaigns & Create FOMO To Drive Up Sales.

Eternaleads Is Perfect For…

Anyone Looking For A FRESH Supply Of Leads = EVERYONE

Website Owners

Turn every visitor into a hot lead

Digital Marketers

Generate leads and promote products


Turn your readers into your leads


Collect leads and promote your business

Social Media Marketers

Promote your social profiles to your leads

Affiliate Marketers

Promote affiliate offers for more commissions


Advertise and promote anything to your leads

eCommerce Store Owners

Upsell, cross-sell and recapture lost sales

Offline Business Owners

Get more customers for products and services

Special Launch Free Upgrades When You Get Eternaleads Today


Create Unblockable Subscribe Alerts

Use the HTTPS option and make your subscribe alerts “unblockable”.

This forces every visitor to see your alerts… which means you will be able to collect even more leads a lot faster.

This is cutting-edge technology… available ONLY to businesses with deep pockets until now.


Customize Subscribe Alerts Style And Location

You have full control over how your alert looks & where is it placed.  Use box style to stand out, a bar for a more streamlined look, or native style to blend in with the user experience.

Show at the top, center, or bottom of the page. Split test a few combinations to see where you are able to capture your audience's attention in the best way.


Customize Subscribe Alerts Appearance

Brand your alerts with color, images & style to match your website theme & help the audience relate them to your brand. You even get to control how exactly when your alerts are shown to your audience…

Show them instantly or appear on a delay. Make them transparent or solid. Use the preloaded message or create your own.  Want to customize the buttons and icons? – Simply point-n-click!


Personalize Messages

Laser-target your messages by segmenting your audience.

Like in just 1-click… you can send your message to subscribers by the site they joined from…

Targeted & personalized messages guarantee higher click and conversion rates.


Customize Messages

Simply drag-n-drop to customize your messages.  Customize headlines, text, images, links, call-to-action buttons, and icons.

Choose up to 2 CTA buttons with different text and links.
Ask your audience to buy then & there or add-to-cart so that they can check out later.

Our Canva-style editor makes it ridiculously easy for you to customize your messages… without any technical or design skills. 

Targeting & Segmenting

Tap into user interests and create a highly engaging notification campaign personalized for a subset of your audience.
  • Send messages to everyone or only subscribers who joined from the same website
  • Create unlimited custom segments as per your requirements
  • Use location, device and OS for advanced targeting
  • ​Add your own custom attributes to define events or ROIs.
  • ​Revive your older popular content by targeting it to new subscribers by using time of visit.
Better targeting = more sales/profits

Split Test Messages To Optimize Click And Conversion Rate

Marketing is all about split-testing. You can never be sure as to how different campaigns would perform until you test them.

Create 2 versions of your messages and send them to half of your list… while the other half sees the other version.

Track and optimize which messages are resonating more with your clients & getting the best results.

Making sales is serious business. Why should you take any chances?

Track → Optimize

Try Eternaleads, RISK-FREE

We created Eternaleads to help you generate bucket-loads of leads every day.

You are covered by our 30 days money back guarantee. If you face technical issues with our software, let us know and we’ll jump right on it to fix it ASAP. Our technical & customer support team is quite fanatic about their work.

If on the other hand, you decide this software is not for you and want a refund, that’s cool too.

We doubt that will happen but either way, let us know and we’ll deactivate your license key remotely and refund you. We make it effortless. You are protected for a full 30 days to try it RISK-FREE. It’s on us.


If your business exists in the real world, if it’s not a figment of your imagination, if it has a presence in the market, whether that presence is physical or digital, then it needs customers.

Customers are the lifeline of any business. That’s how you generate sales. That’s how you survive. Lead Generation is the BIGGEST challenge for EVERY business today.

So imagine helping businesses get fresh, highly targeted leads… in exchange for a flat fee or a monthly recurring fee.

Because with access to Eternaleads, you can now convert cold traffic into hot NEW leads effortlessly.  

AND, you promote offers to your leads as often as you want to make sales and earn commissions.

Generate FRESH TARGETED Leads For Your Clients In Just 3 Simple Steps…

Paste 1 Line of Code
On Your Clients' Website

Watch Your Client Get Leads Automatcally

Get Paid Every Month For Your Service

Get These Exclusive Bonuses When You Get Access Now!


Value $497

The “All-in-one” ad retargeting system that lets you target all the major ad networks and can boost your CTR by as much as 1000%.  All it takes is 3 simple steps:

1. Click on create new audience.
2. Give the audience a name
3. Enter the re-targeting URL from the ad network and the URL of your site. 

Retargeting with RetargetALL can boost your CTR by up to 1000% and can boost your conversions by up to 70%, depending on which network you’re advertising on.


Value $497

Analyzes a website, generates an SEO report card based off of a large list of weighted SEO factors, and then it creates an in-depth audit of the URL being analyzed.

Finding all this information and keeping it current is difficult. With SiterankIQ, you can see all of this inside one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Includes awesome features like SEO score, onpage SEO audit, rankings, traffic estimation, social signals and social page analysis, page speed and load times, mobile analysis and more.

Build Websites With Wix

Value $497

You’ll be able to build your site from scratch. The best thing by far is the fact that you’ll be able to repeat and scale the entire process.  There is no reason why you can’t have more than one site at Wix. You’ll get the hang of it and build more websites.  Remember, the more sites you have, the more likelihood of making money.  

Take Advantage Of All That Wix Has To Offer.
Wix is a great place for inexperienced and professionals to create fantastic sites. Get the most out of what they offer by watching our videos.  You’ll gain vital insider information from professionals who use Wix ever day. They choose to host their sites there and you should too.

Build Your Store With Shopify

Value $497

Many online millionaires are making all of their money on Shopify.  

They know the secrets that are in our videos. Shopify has exploded on the internet, and it’s not going to stop any time soon.  They will continue to offer an excellent service to business owners, and it will only expand over time.

The journey begins by watching our videos.  You will then have all the information required to become successful at selling anything on Shopify.  You’ll be able to build your entire Shopify store and send customers to it very quickly.  Our simple to follow videos ensure that you’ll be up and running in a short time.

Rapid Leads Formula

Value $497

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Video Training:

  • How to develop a rapid leads formula.
  • ​Getting to know the MMO niche and why it's so attractive.
  • ​How to develop and offer with your best content and advice.
  • ​What you need to know about content and why it's so important.
  • ​How to tap into the MMO affiliate networks traffic.
  • ​The traffic method that are not used by many people.
  • ​How to collect max leads when setting up your autoresponder.
  • How giveaways work and what are the products you need to use.
  • ​Learn how to make money on what you give for free.​

So Here’s the Turning Point In Your Life…
Going Forward:

Auto-Lead Generation • Copy-Paste 1 Line Of Code • Unlimited Sales & Profits

And That's Just Eternaleads PRO...
You're Getting ALL the UPGRADES Too

With The UNLIMITED Upgrade...

Unlock Unlimited Everything

Use On UNLIMITED Websites

Subscribe Alerts work in real-time and help re-engage customers & audiences who are already using your website…

… without the need for any personal details like email, name, or other contact details.

Studies show that these alerts can skyrocket conversion rates to as high as 80% (compared to the global website conversion rate of just 4.31%). That means more leads from the same traffic.

And with this UNLIMITED Edition… you’re free to create as many subscription alerts for as many sites as you want – for your business & for your clients as well. 

Generate UNLIMITED Leads

With EternaLeads UNLIMITED you can generate as many leads as you would like using subscription alerts in one click.

NO more worrying about running out of the subscription alerts you can create & the number of people you can add as leads because with EternaLeads we have lifted ALL restrictions from your account!

MONETIZE your leads with customized offers sent straight to their laptop/mobile screens and make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Send UNLIMITED Messages

Why aren’t your new leads buying from you as much as you’d like them to?

Well – one of the MOST important reasons could be because you haven’t yet built a relationship with them.  You need to send a new lead multiple messages to make them comfortable & used to your brand.

That’s why… with EternaLeads UNLIMITED we have REMOVED all limits on the number of messages you can send to your leads with EternaLeads UNLIMITED.

Warm up your leads to easily convert them into paying customers.

Unlock Pro-Level Features

Personalize Messages

Everyone likes going to a coffee shop and being asked “the usual?” It's nice to be remembered.

By “remembering” EternaLeads Unlimited doesn’t have to convince people to jump through the same hoops over and over.

In just 1-click… add the site tag to messages and have EternaLeads automatically send messages personalized with the site name the user joined from.

Send UNLIMITED personalized messages/offers & watch your profits skyrocket... thanks to a 5X increase in conversion rates due to personalization.

Set-n-Forget Message Scheduling

With EternaLeads UNLIMITED you can set your messages to go out for the next 365 days.

Set and forget your personalized messages on autopilot and be seen by hundreds & thousands of website visitors every day.  NO more worrying about manually sending out messages and no need to use any third-party software because EternaLeads does it all for you!

NO need to be tied down to your computer every day to send out your messages. Simply plan & execute your messages once and make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Automated Welcome Messages

We've all heard “First impressions last” so we are aware of how important it is to strike a good impression.

With Eternaleads UNLIMITED you can now set an automatic welcome message to go out to new leads/subscribers…

… 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or 1 hour after signup.

Because you/your brand is right at the top of your lead’s mind… your chances of converting them into a paying customer are much higher.

Exclusive Launch Bonus Features

Easily Track Conversions

Now keep an eye on every move your lead makes on your offers & messages…know exactly what’s working & what’s not.

With EternaLeads UNLIMITED… you can copy-paste just 1 MASTER PIXEL for each user & use it on all your sites to track all stats in one place.

Know what kind of offers & campaigns are converting for you… so that you can easily replicate them in other places as well. 

Split Test Like A Pro Marketer

Split Testing is a proven way to increase your conversion rates.

Create 2 messages that you want to send to your leads… & pit them against each other. See which one drives …

More Opens, More Link click-throughs, More Replies, and
More Conversions

With EternaLeads UNLIMITED… you can now gain valuable insights that can help you make more money from the same number of leads & messages you were sending out.

Hyper-Target Audience In 1-Click

Sending out messages are useless if they don’t convert leads into paying customers.

Now you can increase your response rates and grow your business with new customers by segmenting your list based on country, language, operating system, or browser type.

Send messages & offers to solve a problem that your customers can relate to…and skyrocket sales and conversions thanks to hyper-targeting your audience.

EXTRA Launch Bonuses (Limited Time!)

Double Your Traffic Handbook ($297 value)

• Content marketing strategies to attract a bigger audience to your blog or social profiles.
• How to build links that will actually IMPACT your ranking!
• How to write SEO content that generates organic search traffic and boosts your ranking.
• How to grow your social media exponentially
• How many times you should post on your blog and social profiles. Here's our recommendation if you're just starting.
• Tips on SEO, paid advertising, social media, and branding for building an online presence.
• 5 effective content types to grow your traffic and sales.
• Three types of keywords you want to target when it comes to search engine optimization. Understand each of these keyword types for the biggest gains in organic traffic.
• much, much more!

Hyper-Influencer Marketing ($297 value)

Here's How To Become A Successful Social Media Influencer That Brands Will Beg You For A Promotion!
What You'll Find Inside:
• How Influencers Generate Their Income
• How To Go Viral On TikTok
• ​How To Use Hashtags & Challenges The Right Way
• TikTok Analytics - The Best Tool For An Influencer
• The Most Important Things When Selecting Your Niche
• How To Use Captions And Hashtags Like A Pro 
• ​How To Use Analyze Your Audience And Create Viral Posts
• How To Get Contacted By Brands For Promotions
• ​Things You Should Never Do As An Influencer
• ​How To Setup Your Youtube Channel The Right Way
• ​Analyzing Your Channel Data For Maximum Exposure
• ​And Much, Much More..

EPC Conversion Mastery ($297 value)

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Video Training:
• What is EPC and how it is calculated?
• Learn the conditions involved to have a high or low EPC.
• ​Learn why marketers use the EPC figures a lot in their campaign.
• Discover the big mistakes that most marketers make about EPC.
• The "LIE" that most people believe in when seeing the EPC figures in the marketplace.
• The TRUE way of knowing your real EPC.
• ​Learn the multiple techniques used by marketers to INFLATE their EPC.
• The use of bonus pages and webinars when launching.
• ​How to know if the product you'll be promoting is really HOT aside of looking to the EPC.
• ​And so much more.

Insta Profit Magnet ($297 value)

Here’s What You’ll Learn:
• The Best Practices for Building your Instagram Business
• Learning To Use Instagram for Business
• ​Nurture a Following on Your Instagram
• Make Good Use of Debut Videos
• Leverage a Photo Contest on Your Instagram and Facebook Pages
• Marketing Your Brand on Instagram Using Trends
• Network Properly On Your Instagram Page
• Attempt to Offer Incentives to Your Followers
• ​Showcase Photos and Short Videos of Your Back of the House
• ​Give Your Followers an Amazing Visual Experience
• ​Leveraging the Use of Industry-Related Hash Tags
• ​Optimize your Instagram profile
• ​Quantify and Qualify Your Promotional Efforts on Instagram

With The DESIGNER Upgrade...

Complete Message Design Studio

Create stunning graphic messages from scratch in minutes. Choose a background image or upload your own, add visual elements like cutout photos, shapes, illustrations and accents, and add text in your choice of fonts, colors, & sizes.

200 DFY Stunning Templates

Use our DFY templates to get started with a fresh design, and explore our library for images & graphic assets. Then, have fun customizing your graphic with your own photos, messaging, and color scheme. Create stunning ads, promos, and messages

Huge Visual Elements Library

Make thousands of designs using assets inside the built-in library. Choose from stunning backgrounds, cutout photos, illustrated artwork and icons, characters, shapes, overlays, callouts, accents, and buttons to add to your designs in 1 click  

Designs Created In Minutes 
Use For Your Business or Sell To Clients...

Stunning Ads

High-Converting Promos

Captivating Messages

200 Done-For-You, Editable Graphic Message Templates

Create jaw-dropping ads, promos & messages within seconds.  Start from scratch or select from 200 done-for-you, highly customizable, beautiful templates that are ready to use on command.

Simply drag and drop or point and click and tailor your message for your audience!

No more tedious learning or technical skills needed… these templates are created by expert designers and are ready-for-use with absolutely no rendering costs or production fees!

Drag-n-Drop Message Graphic Design Studio

With our intuitive message graphic design studio, you can start with a blank canvas or pick a template and customize it until you’ve created an original masterpiece.

Use the resizing tool to make your design suitable for every social platform.  Move the text or add text boxes to say precisely what you need to say, or adjust color schemes to fit the mood.

Drop in images, icons, and design assets to fill your design. You can even add shapes or patterns to emphasize the important parts of your message.

EVERYTHING is easy & fun to create with this awesome tool built-in right inside your EternaLeads dashboard.

Watch How Fast & Easy It Is

To Create A STUNNING Ads, Promos & Messages...

Massive Visual Elements Library

200 Backgrounds

400 Cutout Photos

250 Illustrated Artwork & Icons

100 Characters

150 Shapes and Overlays

100 Callouts, Accents, & Buttons

100 Designer Fonts

Fast Action Bonuses

Today Only (Time-Sensitive)

Commercial License

With the EternaLeads Designer you can now create beautiful ads, promos & messages for your business in just seconds. And to celebrate this special launch we are also including the Commercial License totally free of cost.

This allows you to legally sell every graphic design message you create for top dollar in the market.

You can sell these to your existing clients or even on platforms like Fiverr, UpWork or even your own website. No penalties. No fee or royalty to be paid.

Free Cloud Storage

Your efforts may not be complete in one sitting and it's why we give you the power and ability to edit, save, undo, re-save your work as many times as possible until the job gets done.

You get FREE storage space to save, edit and publish your work. During our launch period, the storage space and the ability to edit and save your work is FREE.

Stats, Analytics And Reporting Dashboard

In any business, you need to know what’s working and what isn’t. With EternaLeads Designer, you get a reporting and stats interface to see exactly where all action is coming from inside your dashboard.

This gives you the ability to precisely target specifically to networks that are getting you results so NO effort goes wasted. No more hits or misses. Just pure data and accuracy to get paid.

With The AGENCY Upgrade...

Start & Grow Your Profitable Lead Generation Agency

(... With DFY Assets Created By Our In-House Team Of Experts
Who Know EternaLeads Inside-Out)

UNLIMITED Agency License

Our team of expert copywriters has created a set of ready-to-email proposals & contract templates for your EternaLeads agency.

Simply copy and paste these and send them to any ‘on the fence’ leads or cold leads you’ve collected.

Loaded with professionally designed graphics and statistics specifically crafted to convince your prospect why they need your service and why they should choose you to do it for them RIGHT NOW!

4 out of every 5 prospect that sees this presentation writes us a check.

DFY Ready-To-Use Lead Generation Agency Website

Pre-filled with all the content you need to impress your clients…

Just customize your website with your brand’s logo & colors… and get started right away.

The stunning Agency Website is designed by our in-house team.  They know what EternaLeads can do…and they know what exactly will blow your clients’ socks off.

Close clients in no time with your professionally designed agency website.

DFY Agency Proposals & Contract Templates

Our team of expert copywriters has created a set of ready-to-email proposals & contract templates for your EternaLeads agency.

Simply copy and paste these and send them to any ‘on the fence’ leads or cold leads you’ve collected.

Loaded with professionally designed graphics and statistics specifically crafted to convince your prospect why they need your service and why they should choose you to do it for them RIGHT NOW!

DFY Ready-To-Profit Affiliate Campaigns

Just click send and profit.  We've created graphic design messages for the hottest-selling affiliate products.

Just grab your link, load up the message and send.

Sit back and watch as you make sale after sale and commissions come rolling in.  Use them for yourself and your clients.

DFY Logos and Print-Ready Commercial Graphics Templates

We have created a set of fully editable graphic templates for you to get your name out there as professionally as possible.

Gorgeous and high-quality designs created for you by our team of experts. Each template on its own can be sold for $100.

In a few clicks, you can edit these to your own heart’s desire, so you’ll never need to hire an expensive designer again.

DFY Lead-Generating Website Templates

We have created a set of fully editable graphic templates for you to get your name out there as professionally as possible.

Gorgeous and high-quality designs created for you by our team of experts. Each template on its own can be sold for $100.

In a few clicks, you can edit these to your own heart’s desire, so you’ll never need to hire an expensive designer again.

Agency Members Access – Virtual & Team Accounts

Running any type of agency is not easy...

Down the line, you are going to have so many clients to manage that you will need to hire more people to manage a few accounts for you.  But do you need to purchase another EternaLeads package for them?  Absolutely not!

You can use your same account but you don’t have to share all your sensitive client information with your team.  YOU get to decide what they have access to.


Special Fast-Income Bonuses Today Only (Time-Sensitive)

High-Converting DFY Campaigns For You To Simply Copy-Paste-Profit

We want you to start making your first dollar as soon as yesterday.  And so we have hand-picked some of the best converting campaigns for you.

Simply get your affiliate link and send messages to your leads with that link to make commissions.
  • No need to create or find products… 
  • No need to create promos…
  • No need to even write the messages…
EVERYTHING is completely done for you.
Just copy paste and send to start profiting.

DFY Website Templates That You Can Sell

81% of people research a business or service on the internet prior to making a purchase decision. That’s 25.92 million people searching for businesses online.

This means… if a business doesn’t have a website, they have no chance at capturing a share of this market.  And research shows that one in four small businesses (28%) don't have a website, 44% plan to create one in 2022.

Leverage on this demandby simply picking one of our templates & creating a STUNNING website in just SECONDS.  No coding. No designing. No writing.
Just click-create-profit. 

With The RESELLER Upgrade...

UNLIMITED Reseller License To Make As Much Profit As You Want

Keep 100% PROFIT From Every Sale You Make With No Limits

Done-for-You PROVEN High-Converting Sales Page

Done-for-You Conversion-Boosting Video Sales Letter

Done-for-You Engaging Walkthrough DEMO Video 

Done-for-You Professional Promo Emails and Graphics

Done-for-You Backoffice Management and Automatic Payments

Done-for-You Customer Support and App Maintenance

The #1 Way To Profit Online Is By Selling Your Own Digital Products

All Of The Top Digital Marketers Have One Thing In Common...
They All Create And Sell Their Own Digital Products

The problem is, creating products is a lot of work even IF you know how to do it. (and if you don’t, it can be a 6-12 month learning curve for that too).

To create your own software product you need an idea, then you need to map it out. Next you need to either be a programmer or find one to outsource, and finding a good programmer who is reliable, skilled, and meets deadlines is harder than winning the lottery. 

You could waste $100s or even $1,000s before you even realize that you’re not getting what you’re paying for. 
And that’s just the beginning.

Once you get the software back you need to test it, then get tweaks and updates made, and then get a user-friendly interface added. (Most programmers write the code for software but have no idea about user experience or how to make software actually look good enough that someone will want to buy it.)

It’s a total hassle...and we haven’t even gotten to the customer training or marketing stuff yet!
It’s no contest. Eternaleads RESELLER costs less than 1% of what it would cost to create your own product from scratch.

And it won’t take you 3-6 months of painful waiting for it all to get finished so you can finally start selling it either. It’s ready to start making you money now.

And with a deep funnel here’s the coolest part...

Fast Action Bonuses

TikTok Marketing

Value $297

Here's Just A Quick Preview Of What You'll Discover Inside...

• What Is TikTok And Why Should You Care??
• Getting Started With TikTok
• Creating Content For TikTok
• TikTok Hashtags
• Marketing Strategies for TikTok
• TikTok Ads
• TikTok Use Cases To Inspire You
• TikTok Analytics
• TikTok Best Practices

Sell More with GoToWebinar

Value $297

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Video Training:

• How to get started with GoToWebinar.
• Learn how to get use to the interface and configure your settings.
• Learn how to launch your first live event and what are the options to select when doing it.
• How to quickly and easily work with the templates provided in the members area.
• How to create attractive landing pages
• Learn how to embed their link in your website.
• Learn the different techniques involved in using GoToWebinar to grow your business.
• And so much more...

Instagram Ads Success

Value $297

Here’s Just A Quick Preview Of What You’ll Discover Inside...

• Why Instagram Ads?
• What are Instagram Ads?
• Setting Goals and the Best Instagram Ad Format for your Business
• Identifying your Target Audience
• Content and Budget
• Creating Instagram Ad Campaigns
• Measuring the Performance of your Instagram Account
• Great Tools for Your Instagram Ads
• Best Practices for Successful Instagram Ads

Get Visitors from Pinterest

Value $297

You won’t wander around Pinterest wondering how to make money there. You’ll fully understand what it takes to get followers and how to turn them into cash. The information in our videos is precise and clear as a bell. You’ll have a full grasp of everything it takes to be successful at Pinterest. The traffic there is free, and there’s an almost never-ending supply of it. Learn how to convert followers into customers by watching our videos produced by Pinterest insiders and professionals.

Instant Traffic from Snapchat

Value $297

If you’re new to the world of advertising on Snapchat, it can seem so confusing in the beginning.  Don’t worry, we cover all that and so much more. We do so in a way that’s easy to follow and understand. You may have run unsuccessful ads in the past. The reason for that isn’t because you’re not a good marketer. You didn’t understand what it takes to run a profitable Snapchat Ads campaign. It takes know how to pull something like this off. You’ll have the knowledge and information to make advertising purchases that will lead to conversions.

Watch The UPGRADES Demo

Eternaleads BUNDLE

That's a Total Value of



Now Just $177


Upgrade and use all the features.  Make all the videos you want and sell them for 100% profit.  If you don’t think it’s worth 10 times your investment, submit a ticket within 30 days and we’ll downgrade your access and refund your money.

Choose YOUR Eternaleads License


  • Eternaleads UNLIMITED Use $1,997
  • Eternaleads SUPER Upgrade $2,479
  • Eternaleads DESIGNER Upgrade $3,138
  • Eternaleads AGENCY Upgrade $3,991
  • Eternaleads RESELLER Upgrade $8,238

Exclusive Launch BONUSES!

  • BONUS Package #1:
  • Rapid Leads Formula, Business Automation Blueprint, CPA Profit System, Easy Conversion Formula, List Growth Strategies ($1,485 value)
  • BONUS Package #2 (UNLIMITED Upgrade):
  • ​The Traffic Handbook, Hyper Influencer Marketing, EPC Conversion Mastery, Insta Profit Magnet ($1,188 value)
  • BONUS Package #3 (DESIGNER Upgrade):
  • ​20 ecover templates, 50 ecover artwork designs, App Store Buttons, Badges, Bullets and Checkmarks, Buttons, Calendars, Coupons, Guarantee Badges, Mockups, Numbered Bullets, Social Buttons, Social Media Icons ($1,285 value)
  • BONUS Package #4 (AGENCY Upgrade):
  • ​Professional Logo Collection, Get More Business with LinkedIN, Sales & Support With Chatbot, Automate Your Business With Zapier, Organize & Delegate With Basecamp ($1,485 value)
  • BONUS Package #5 (RESELLER Upgrade):
  • ​TikTok Marketing, Sell More with GoToWebinar, Instagram Ads Success, Get Visitors from Pinterest, Instant Traffic from Snapchat ($1,485 value)

TOTAL VALUE $38,317.00



NOW ONLY $177.00!


Frequently Asked

Q How easy is it to use Eternaleads?

It is unimaginably easy to use Eternaleads. It is sophisticated but ridiculously simple to use. It is 100% beginner-friendly. You can start generating highly targeted leads within minutes. Age, skill, and experience is no bar.

Q What if I don’t enjoy using Eternaleads?

Our technology is designed to help you profit with incredible ease. We are constantly working to make your experience seamless. In case you still don’t love your experience with us, you can simply ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase. We will process the entire amount back into your account instantly.

Q Is Eternaleads Windows and Mac compatible?

Eternaleads works on most browsers and mobile too (but not iOS right now due to security settings).

Q Do you charge any monthly fees?

Not yet… but to support this incredible technology, after this limited period offer, we will be charging a monthly fee. Make sure you buy it at this incredibly low one-time price to save your precious money! 

Q Will I get any training or support for my questions?

Absolutely. Our team of experts are available to you 24X7 to answer any questions that you may have. Training videos are included within your purchase to make you an expert within seconds. 

Q Do I need to download & install Eternaleads?

Never! You simply have to use the software from any browser. Nothing to download or install. We push automatic updates through the cloud to make your experience bigger and better.
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