Step 4 - Customize Your Elearn Empire

Sell Courses As Complete Done-For-You
PLR Products and Bank Epic Profits in 1 Click

Grab PLR Rights to EVERY Course and The Visual Marketing Library To Make Jaw-Dropping PLR Video Courses You Can Sell With RESELL Rights and Keep 100% Profits


Marketers are always on the lookout for great products they can sell. Because making products is hard... so they 
love to buy done-for-you products with rights and resell them. .

So if you have great products, they will pay more, buy more, and won’t hesitate about the price.
Because they know they can turn it into profit in days if not mere hours.

Get PAID For Video Courses With Resale Rights 

People are charging $100s PER course right now on outsource sites like Fiverr. And most of those aren’t even offering resale rights! This is your ticket to dominate and laugh all the way to the bankYou can make as many courses as you want, so your potential for sales and profits is unlimited.

PLR License To EVERY Digital Course

You get a full private label rights license to every video course you make with eLearn Empire.  And you also get a full private label rights license to every done-for-you video course you get with eLearn Empire also!

That means you can sell as many copies of as many courses you want...with RESELL rights!

Marketers love to buy PLR because it saves them the time and effort to create their own products. And because they can start profiting in minutes, they will buy more and pay you make more.

And The More Professional Your Products Are The More You Sell & Profit (we all know a picture is worth 1,000 words)

So when your websites and products look like a  million bucks , they  sell like it too .

Now you can take your sales page websites and product covers to a whole new level... and take your sales and profits with them.
With The Visual Marketing Library Transform Your Video Courses Into Stunning Mega Profitable PLR Products in Minutes

10 High-Converting Lead Capture Pages

Watch your list  grow like wildfire with these captivating lead capture pages...

 Building an email list  is the most profitable thing  you can do, because you just send emails promoting affiliate products and you make commissions. Every single day. So the  bigger your list, the more you make. 

These easy-edit templates are a snap to customize. If you can click a mouse and type on your
keyboard you can edit them. No technical skills required.

You get  10 colors and designs to match any look or vibe you want. Use them to build your
subscriber list in record time.

5 Breathtaking Easy-Edit Sales Pages

Showcase your awesome video courses on 
sales pages like these...

When your sites look awesome like these, people stop and take notice. And that means higher engagement and more sales.

You think you can make more sales with breathtaking pages like these? You know you can!

These easy-edit templates are a snap to customize. If you can click a mouse and type on your
keyboard you can edit them. 

No technical skills required.

You get 5 colors and designs to match any look or vibe you want. Use them for any products you want

Mouth-Watering eCover Artwork

HD quality professional artwork designs bring your ecover templates to life like these...

Customize anything and everything in the artwork to get the exact look, feel, and messaging to match your product. 

Drag-n-drop simple with no artistic talent required.
No need to waste money hiring a graphic designer or struggle with tedious graphic design on your own. 

You get 50 eye-widening pro designs you can use to fit any product in any niche.

Every product you make will look ultra professional and that makes people automatically assume and feel it's worth more so they will pay more and buy more too.

Jaw-Dropping 3D eCover Templates

Your digital products will leap off their virtual shelves with hi-res ecover templates like these...
Your ecover is the only way people judge your product quality. 

A stunning ecover can make your video courses worth 
2x, 5x, even 10x more just because of how it looks. 

Make your ecovers look awesome so you can sell more and make more.

And using these is as simple as clicking a button. Just click to render a gorgeous 3D mockup of your ecover in seconds. No technical or design skills needed. 

You get 20 3D mockups for any

LOOK At The  Ways You Can Profit 

Make as many video courses and digital products as you want.  Sell them for as much as you want.  Look at all the ways you can profit...

  • Sell to digital marketers with Resale Rights
  • Sell on e-learning sites like Udemy and Skillshare
  • ​Post gigs on Fiverr, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour
  • ​Sell on sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru
  • ​Sell on marketplaces like Clickbank and JVZoo
  • ​Grow a Youtube, Instagram or any social media channel
  • Create passive income e-learning membership sites

Any ONE Of Those Can Make You A Truckload Of Sales...

Use Them All For Unlimited Sales Potential And Private Label Rights 
Buyers Are Repeat Customers, 

So The More Courses You Offer The More Sales You’ll Make.


BONUS: App Store Buttons

App Store buttons you can use on your site or to 
sell mobile app versions of your products.
These cool buttons make you look professional even if you have zero design skills.  Large, Medium or Small: Take your pick!

 $47 value

BONUS: Badges

Whether it's a "Genuine product", a "Discount or Sales offer" or a "Guarantee of Satisfaction" nothing says it better than a high-quality badge.  

Badges come in a variety of attractive colors
and sizes.  Use them on any of your pages where you need it the most.

  $67 value

BONUS: Banners

Want to say a lot, without speaking too much?  
Our Banners do just that.

We have put the right mix of color and drama into each of them, so that they grab your prospect's
attention and compel them to take action.  

Choose any of the 12 sizes and let your website do all the talking.

 $127 value

BONUS: Bullets and Checkmarks

Power up your website with a huge variety of bullets and checkmarks. You can pick from the
colors and also you play with the textures.  

These bullet sets come in 16x16 px, 32x32 px and
64x64 px. Moreover you are free to edit them further if you need a specific size.

  $47 value

BONUS: Buttons

What is a Sales Page without a Call for Action button?  

Answer: Darn near worthless!
We have added bunch of them, namely "Add to cart", "Buy now" &, "Order now" buttons which
are completely customizable in terms of size & color.

 $67 value

BONUS: Calendars

Have a deadline impending?  Want to increase the sense of urgency and fire up your prospects buying emotions?

Use a calendar icon. They're great for special promotions, one-off sales events, etc.  

Use any of the 12 color combinations or personalize them by resizing or picking the color of your choice.

  $47 value

BONUS: Certificates

Having a professional and classy looking guarantee certificate conveys trust and credibility to
your prospects. 

Our certificates reassure your prospects that their purchase is safe and that you have their backs.

We've designed these to give you space to spell out the specifics of your guarantee and give you
flexibility in the presentation.

 $67 value

BONUS: Coupons

Who doesn't love a good discount, right?  Most of the time they'll look for how much they can save before taking action.  

Our coupons are designed to stand out and appeal to the customers...while subtly reminding them of the limited time they have to get their savings.

  $67 value

Feature Listing Boxes

Did you know a few people could have attention span of that of a Goldfish?

Much to your horror, they could be your potential customers!  So, why not bundle up all-important features of your product & present them in one bright template?  I have included a wide array to suit your website's needs..

 $67 value

BONUS: Headlines

Without a strong headline, you'll end up going nowhere fast.  Headlines grab your prospects
attention and get them to read the rest of your sales letter, squeeze page, blog post, etc.
Headlines are absolutely critical to your success as a marketer.  

Pick any of our eye-catching headline templates and watch the cash stampede that follows!

  $127 value

BONUS: License Options

Offering multiple pricing options is a proven persuasion technique that can increase 
conversions and sales. 
 Customize these graphics to suit your needs.

 $67 value

BONUS: Mockups

These graphics are great if you have product examples to show prospects, ie, site mock ups, software installations, etc.

  $67 value

BONUS: Module Boxes

No more boring module presentations! These beautiful module boxes present your product information in a striking yet informative manner.

Choose from 10 module box designs, each different in terms of appearance and color.

 $67 value

BONUS: Navigation Bars

I have always believed the design of a website should be uncluttered and the navigation should be smooth.

That's why I'm including these elegant and clean navigation bars in 10 styles with 10 distinct
colors to choose from per style.

  $97 value

BONUS: Numbered Bullets

Whether it's listing the benefits of your products, or pointing out the reasons why your prospect
should buy...

Numbers are used in a variety of ways on your sales letters, squeeze pages and website. Select the one that best suits your site or page's theme.

 $27 value

BONUS:Order Boxes

This is where the "rubber meets the road"  

Order boxes include everything from "download" to "offer details" to "the deadline". 

 All 10 varieties are customizable, so that you can tweak the text and offer details as needed.

 $97 value

BONUS: Photo Frames

Social proof is another critical element in the sales process. These enticing frames help jazz up customer testimonials and give them more "oomph". 

 You can also use them for your own profile picture, on an "About" page, etc. They are available in 11 different styles and 3 sizes.

  $47 value

BONUS: Cart Trackers

Not knowing the next step in your sales process can be quite frustrating to your prospects, and can hamper your sales as well.  

Use any of the 8 Progress trackers to help guide your prospects step-by-step, so they become customers!

 $47 value

BONUS: Dividers

No one likes a cluttered website... and you may be losing eyeballs if you're site is a mess.
Do your viewers a favor.. use any of the beautiful separator and divider lines and make your stuff
more comprehensible. You can thank me later!

  $97 value

BONUS: Box Shadows

Wanna give your various sections of your site a killer look?  Add a box shadow!  Add these to your products, sidebars, or other images on your site and boom...  Instant upgrade!  

The shadows are available in various sizes, all of which are 100% customizable.

 $27 value

BONUS: Shelf Mockups

This is one of those custom flourishes that can take an ordinary section of your site and instantly make it look extraordinary.  

For example, you can showcase your product sitting atop one of these shelves and make it stand out right away. Use any of these stylish 7 patterns however you see fit.

  $297 value

BONUS: Social Buttons

Social buttons are one of the best tools to get people to share your content, follow you on social
sites, and log-in to your members areas. 

Now you can have stylish social buttons that actually look GOOD and match the style of your website.

 $67 value

BONUS: Facebook Covers

If Facebook is a part of your marketing strategy, then you need professional cover images to boost your online presence.  

You're receiving 10 awesome cover designs with this package... and they get the job done.  

I can see you smiling from ear to ear... mission accomplished!

  $297 value

BONUS: Social Media Icons

These days, it goes without saying that you need a social media presence and a way for visitors,
prospects and customers to connect with you. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Sound Cloud, etc., these icons let you connect with the click of a mouse.

 $27 value

BONUS: Testimonial Boxes

Present your customer testimonials with class and style.  These testimonial boxes can used with or without pictures and help give credibility to whatever it is you're selling.  

No more boring testimonial boxes for you or your web pages!

  $197 value

BONUS: Text Styles

Adding some flair to your text styles keeps the readers reading and the buyers buying.  

Included in the Ultimate Graphics collection are 12 of our finest text styles that turn ordinary text into eye-catching, profit-inducing customer magnets.   

There's no excuse for using those shabby fonts ever again!.

 $27 value

BONUS: Video Skins

Video gives you the all-important opportunity to interact directly with prospects and customers.

These skins make sure your video frames look their very best.  Pick your favorite from among 8 different styles given and customize them as you see fit.

  $67 value

BONUS: Start Selling on Udemy in 2 Hours - $497 Value

  • Learn the easiest way to create and deliver your online on Udemy
  • Learn the fastest way to create your course outlines, checklist and text content.
  • ​Learn the fastest way to create your course outlines, checklist and text content.
  • ​Harness the power of Udemy's online community and get help from other people when you need
  • ​How to effectively use free coupons and other promotional strategies.
  • ​How to build up your business brand and maximize your  revenue.

BONUS: PLR Business Kickstart -$297 Value

  • Why this is the best way to structure your content so it can sell.
  • ​How to use PLR to churn products after products like a factory.
  • Learn how to make all your products unique and  different from the crowd.
  • Useful case study examples of products I did and how I did them.
  • ​The strategy to use to grow your business every single day.

A step by step plan how to get things done on a daily basis.

Product Snowball Formula
$297 Value

  • ​Why this is the best way to structure your business and adapted for the little guys.
  • How to churn products after products and never run out of product ideas - ever.
  • You will understand why it’s so vital you use a certain service to accelerate your success.
  • ​Discover what I personally did to grow my business to the next level.
  • ​Useful case study examples of products I did and how I did them.
  • ​Learn the insider secrets to get more done faster without hassle.

BONUS: Easy Conversion Formula -$297 Value

It’s so important that you’re able to scale an online business. You’re not going to be able to make money if it’s something that only works one time. You have to break free of the mindset that you’ll make money on just one thing. The real money is scaling up the entire process to make as much money as possible. 

I’ll teach you exactly how to do that. Success can’t be a one-time thing, and that’s it. You must be able to repeat it over and over again. This is the key to being successful and earning a good living.

BONUS: Insta Membership 
Cash -$297 Valueu

Membership Sites By watching my video course, you’ll have all the tools necessary to create and promote your membership site.

You will be able to generate a passive income that can be life-changing. Never forget that you can build several membership sites in many different niches. 

The sky is the limit if you’re
willing to put forth the effort to become hugely successful.

That’s A Total Value JUST the BONUSES of $1,885  


  • PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS to any courses you make ($997 value)
  • PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS to any done-for-you courses you bought ($997 value)
  • RIGHTS to sell courses with RESALE RIGHTS ($297 value)
  • 10 lead capture page templates ($997 value)
  • 5 NEW sales page templates ($997 value)
  • 20 ecover templates ($297 value)
  • 50 ecover artwork designs ($497 value)
  • Language translation ($497 value)
  • Screen recording ($497 value)

Exclusive Launch BONUSES!

  • BONUS: App store buttons, Badges, Banners, Bullets and Checkmarks, Buttons, Calendars ($382 value)
  • BONUS: Certificates, Coupons, Feature Listing Boxes, Guarantee Badges, Headlines ($425 value)
  • BONUS: License Options, Mockups, Modules Boxes, Navigation Bars, Numbers, Order Boxes ($552 value)
  • BONUS: Photo Frames, Cart Trackers, Dividers, Box Shadows, Shelf Mockups, Social Buttons ($585 value)
  • BONUS: Facebook Covers, Social Media Icons, Testimonial Boxes, Text Styles, Video Skins ($685 value)
  • BONUS: Start Selling on Udemy in 2 Hours ($497 value)
  • BONUS: PLR Business Kickstart ($297 value)
  • BONUS: Product Snowball Formula ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Easy Conversion Formula ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Insta Membership Cash ($197 value)


  • Create & sell unlimited video courses ($997 value)
  • Setup unlimited websites & sell to clients ($997 value)
  • Charge clients unlimited fees and pocket 100% 

TOTAL VALUE $4,661.00



NOW ONLY $49.00!



  • ​10 lead capture page templates
  • ​5 NEW sales page templates
  • ​20 ecover templates
  • 50 ecover artwork designs
  • ​BONUS: App Store Buttons
  • ​BONUS: Badges
  • ​BONUS: Banners
  • ​BONUS: Bullets and Checkmarks
  • ​BONUS: Buttons
  • ​BONUS: Calendars
  • ​BONUS: Certificates
  • ​BONUS: Cart Trackers
  • ​BONUS: Shelf Mockups
  • ​BONUS: Facebook Covers
  • ​BONUS: Testimonial Boxes
  • ​BONUS: Video Skins
  • ​Bonus: PLR Business Kickstart $297
  • ​Bonus: Easy Conversion Formula              $197
  • ​Bonus: Insta Membership Cash $197
  •  BONUS: Coupons
  • ​​BONUS: Feature Listing Boxes
  • ​BONUS: Guarantee Badges
  • ​BONUS: Headlines
  • ​BONUS: License Options
  • ​BONUS: Mockups
  • ​BONUS: Module Boxes
  • ​BONUS: Navigation Bars
  • ​BONUS: Numbered Bullets
  • ​BONUS: Order Boxes
  • ​BONUS: Photo Frames
  • ​BONUS: Dividers
  • ​BONUS: Social Buttons
  • ​BONUS: Social Media Icons
  • ​BONUS: Text Styles
  • ​Bonus: Start Selling on Udemy in 2            Hours $497
  • ​Bonus: Product Snowball Formula              $197


Upgrade and use all the features.  Make all the videos you want and sell them for 100% profit.  If you don’t think it’s worth 10 times your investment, submit a ticket within 30 days and we’ll downgrade your access and refund your money.
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