Create AND Sell AMAZING Video Courses in MINUTES Without Creating Any Content or Speaking a Single Word

Includes Done-for-You Websites and FREE Traffic

  • Proven REAL Busines no gimmicks, loopholes, or fads
  • Up & Running TODAY start making sales fast
  • SCALE to any income level make extra or replace your job
  • COMPLETE System nothing left to guess or figure out
  • VALUE for Customers be proud of your business
  • NO Experience Needed just follow the steps

Your REAL 6-Figure Digital Business


Create Unlimited UNIQUE
High Demand Digital Products in Minutes...without any research or
product development


Create Awesome High Converting Websites that Can Sell ANYTHING for You in Minutes (ZERO Tech Skills Required).


How To Get an UNLIMITED Supply of Hungry Buyers without Spending a Dime on Traffic...Even if You Don’t
Have an Email List”
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My name is Brett Ingram...

Like you I wanted a better life for me and my family.
I wanted the freedom to do what I want...and I didn’t want to worry about money or feel chained to a job. But  I was working 50 hour weeks  at my job in staffing, going to school at night, and I had a mortgage, car payments, a wife and 3 kids.

I was overwhelmed and exhausted without any time to myself and not an extra time to spend. I felt trapped and couldn't see any way out...

I had to work to pay the bills but I couldn't make a better life for us unless I did something different. And I wanted to spend time with my family and also have time for myself, but there weren't enough hours in a day for my job, my family, AND making our lives better...

 Timing is EVERYTHING 

I was online late one night and I saw some ad for a way to make money online with no office, no employees, no inventory, no overhead and to do it from my own home and I could instantly see how that could be the life change I was looking for. 

So I started tinkering with online marketing...I spent months learning... and I was buying and trying products and systems all promising fast and easy results.

But the only result I got was $5,100 in debt and a bunch of useless overhyped products that didn't work.I was still holding out hope it would work...but I was frustrated and defeated...and I started to doubt if I could really do it.

I didn’t want to give up but I also didn’t want to keep pouring time and money into something that would never work.It’s a pretty empty and lonely feeling.  

Especially when you see others who are successful and it seems so easy for them.But I knew I’d be stuck in the same situation forever if I didn’t make it I kept going. 

 It took me 6 months but I finally made my first $17 sale...

As small as that was...and as long as that took...
that ONE sale changed everything. For the first time, I KNEW with the right system I could make money online.

So if the process worked once all I needed to do was figure out how to scale it to make it work again and again.

So I made some tweaks to the process...and I made over $2,000 . When I saw those sales rolling after another after another...all of that fear, all of that doubt, all of that frustration...just disappeared like a snap of the fingers. 

 I was so proud and validated that I stuck with it and I was motivated to scale it more and more.


Daily profit of $6100 and $8500...

Daily profit of $5700...$9600...$5800

That's Life Changing Income

And beyond the money...

I’ve won a bunch of awards and I was also featured in a NY Times Best selling author’s book.

And I have no office, employees, or inventory so I am free 
to live how I want to live. 

Now, I can’t promise you’ll make that kind of money... in fact legally I can’t PROMISE  
you’ll make any money at all.

There are too many factors outside of my control, but... that kind of money and freedom from an automated digital business change YOUR life? 

Well if I can do can do it. Because it’s not ME it’s the SYSTEM  I’m using.I use the system and it works for me...

YOU use the system and it will work for you.In fact, here’s a screenshot of a video Sean Trask sent me with the results he got from one of my programs.

“Starting with no list, in 34 days we’ve grown to
over 2,500 members and made over $7,000

He followed the process and got results.  This is happening for people like you every single day...isn’t that awesome?!

So If You're...

  • Trying to get results but not making money
  • Learning more but you’re not getting anywhere
  • Buying and trying products and systems but nothing works
  • Doubting yourself and wondering if YOU are the problem


  • Feeling like you’re on the outside looking in
  • Struggling while everyone else is succeeding
  • Getting angry and frustrated watching people work less yet make more
  • Keeping it secret because you know family and friends will think you’re a sucker

I understand... Because most of these exact feelings and experiences I went through myselfAnd there’s one very important thing you need to know right now....YOU Are NOT Alone

Everyone goes through struggle to achieve anything worthwhile

People with dreams and goals are the ONLY ones who become great or change the world

What makes success so valuable and fulfilling is the journey to get there. And it’s important that you know the REASONS for your struggles...

INFORMATION OVERLOAD with too many ideas, tools, methods

There is so much information overload out there...And so many different ideas, tools, and methods... That putting it all together into a profitable digital business is like trying to build a jigsaw puzzle with a blindfold on

PROMISES of OVERNIGHT SUCCESS from hucksters lying to make a buck

Add to that the scores of hucksters out there just pushing products at you to make a buck...A lot of that stuff doesn’t even work but they know if they promise fast and easy cash with no work people will buy.

It’s NOT your fault You just need the right system that works from start to finish and 
you need to follow it

I went through the same struggles...

I spent over $5,100 without making a dime. I worked countless hours getting up early and staying up late while working and raising a family...

And I tried a lot of stuff that didn’t work.
And what I discovered is... The ONLY dependable PROVEN way to build a 6 or 7-figure digital business...Is to create and sell digital products. 

In fact, it’s the ONLY way I’ve seen work for me...People I’ve helped...and countless others.  It worked 15 years ago... It works now...And it will work forever...

It’s based on the age old principle of creating value for others and getting paid for that.

You help people solve their problems and in exchange you make money.  It’s not based on trends, fads, glitches or loopholes.  It’s not based on perfect timing or luck. 

It’s the one true digital business that can change your life.
I’ve spent the last 15 years and $10,000s optimizing the perfect digital business...And it’s made MILLIONS.  

And I’m going to share it with you so you don’t have go through all of that struggle.

It's just 3 steps...


Create Your Digital Products

As soon as I started making of the first things I realized is that I had spent too much time thinking and worrying about what product to make and whether it would sell instead of just doing it. 

Now you might be wondering...what kind of products should you make?

The best type of product is e-learning videos
The learning industry is absolutely huge and it’s dominated by video content.It’s a multi billion $ industry and growing with virtually unlimited opportunity. 

Forbes says learning will grow to $325 BILLION by 2025
Social Media Today says there will be an exponential rise in PAID video courses.

This is the keyPAID video.
Everyone is using video and everyone is buying video.
And video isn’t just’s being USED and people are happy to pay for stuff they use.

And 62% of consumers say they consume video content thoroughly so they pay more attention to it
Selling elearning videos is an absolute home run.
You’re giving people exactly what they want.

And from the business or seller side...76% of marketers say that video has helped them increase sales.

So you make more sales with video.And 80% of all Internet traffic will comes from video..
So you make more sales with video.
And 80% of all Internet traffic will comes from video..

So you get more traffic with video too.
So you need learning videos and video courses..

Create e-Learning Videos The OLD Way

  • Research your topic or niche
  • Create your outline
  • Write out the full content or slides
  • Add visual elements like graphics, etc
  • Proofread and make edits
  • Present and record your video
  • Edit and optimize audio and video
  • Produce your video
That’s for every video. Creating products the old way is too slow, takes too long, 
and is too much work 


Setup Your Sales Website

With a digital product, you need a simple website to make sales and get paid . Creating my first few websites was an absolute nightmare.

First I had to learn how to write sales copy so people would want to buy my product. I read about different formats, closing techniques  and a bunch of other mumbo jumbo.

Then I had to figure out how to make that work for my product.  I remember spending hours trying to write it all out
I am not a great copywriter and I’m too analytical to be a salesman. 

Once I had all that set, I still needed to get it onto a webpage somehow.  I tinkered with HTML and tried to learn basic stuff, but I ended up spending hours just working on the layout How and where text and graphics showed on the page.

Setting Up Websites That Actually Sell Is Time Consuming And Tedious, Or Costs A Lot To Outsource


Generate Unlimited FREE Traffic

When you have a great product and a high converting site ready to collect payments  you just
need traffic to get it all going.

When I was starting out...I was really focused on generating traffic.

Because I knew if I controlled how many visitors I could get to my offers I could easily scale my
sales and income to whatever level I wanted

So I studied every traffic generation tactic I could find...SEO.Safe lists. Unless you’ve been in digital marketing for a long time you may have never even
heard of those.
  • Solo emails.
  • Banner ads.
  • Traffic exchanges.
  • Google ads.

And anything and everything I thought could generate traffic for me.I got very little results with any of it.

I kept thinking...
why won’t these traffic generation methods work?

Was it my niche? Was I doing something wrong? Maybe my ads or messages weren’t persuasive enough.  So I went around in circles studying copywriting to learn the latest tricks to convince people to click and buy.

Then I tried my new ideas and still little to nothing worked.  I bought solo ads. I tried traffic exchanges. I joined safelists. I bought social media ads.  I tried to optimize on page and off page SEO but nothing more than a trickle of traffic.

 And then it finally hit me 

The traffic doesn’t need to be generated. It’s already there.
There are already millions of people and prospects in any and every niche going to websites, engaging on social media, and searching for stuff online.

My entire approach was wrong and flawed.  

Getting traffic isn’t about some external way to turn on a hose and traffic pours out like water...
Getting traffic is really about joining the conversation that’s already happening in your market among your prospects.

It’s about building relationships and providing solutions to people’s problems.

When I realized that I changed my entire approach and that’s when things started
to take off. But it's a long, expensive, and frustrating learning curve figuring out how to get traffic

So Those Are 3 Steps To a PROVEN 
Profitable Digital Business

But the Normal Way To Do It Takes a Lot of Time and Work.  It can take months or years of frustration and trial and error to get it right.  Now you can go it alone, spend the time and money, and struggle and hope to figure it out...who knows how long it will take but it was years for me.


You can use the proven system I Spent  15 Years And $10,000s Optimizing To Build the  Perfect Digital Business...

The system that's  proven to work over and over... based on the same process that's made MILLIONS.

IntroducineLearn Empire...


Create Unlimited UNIQUE
High Demand Digital Products in Minutes...without any research or
product development.


Create Awesome High Converting Websites that Can Sell ANYTHING for You in Minutes (ZERO Tech Skills Required).


How To Get an UNLIMITED Supply of Hungry Buyers without Spending a Dime on Traffic...Even if You Don’t
Have an Email List”
  • Proven REAL Business no gimmicks, loopholes, or fads.
  • Up & Running TODAY start making sales fast
  • SCALE to any income level make extra or replace your job
  • COMPLETE System nothing left to guess or figure out
  • VALUE for Customers be proud of your business
  • NO Experience Needed just follow the steps

Check Out eLearn Empire Walkthrough DEMO

Here's What You Get...

E-Learn Empire Master Class

We’re going to teach you step by step how to create digital products, setup websites, and get traffic to make sales...

So You’ll Be Able To... Create high demand video courses in any niche you can  sell for 100% profit.

Build a portfolio of money making products that you own. Establish a brand and reputation online you can leverage any way you want. 

The cool thing about our training is you’re gonna  learn how and why to do everything  and then we’re actually going to walk you through Everything while you look over my shoulder.

Now you might be wondering...what if I don’t want to do the steps myself or what if I’m worried I don't have the skills...

Well if you have a partner or an outsourcer or an admin or whoever...let them go through the
training and I’ll show them how to do it for you.

And if you don’t have anyone working with you... Get one of your kids to go through it and I’ll make them the most productive and profitable part of your business.

You May Think I’m Joking But One of Or Members Actually Sent Me Videos His 13 Year Old Daughter Made And They Were Awesome.

I Have A 13 Year Old Myself And He Uses It Too. It’s Literally So Easy Your Kids Can Do it!

($997 Value)

Elearn Empire Product Creator Software

The elearn empire Product Creator Software Is The Turbocharged NEW Way To Create eLearning Videos And Digital Products If you can copy and can make unlimited digital products. Can you copy & paste?

You can make a complete video course in minutes without writing or speaking a single word and
without any research or creating any content. Isn’t that awesome?!

Use your own content, or any PLR stuff out there and create a virtually unlimited supply of products 
without any research or product development.

You can convert any ebook, PDF, document, or even blog... or you can even create it on the fly.Create ANY videos on ANY topic in ANY way you want

Watch Me Create a Stunning Video Course in
Minutes with NO Writing, Speaking, or Recording

$497 Value

1,000+ E-Book Library With Private Label Rights

Get content in all of the  hottest niches so you have actual products you can start making video courses for  INSTANTLY.

Edit them any way you like or even keep as is and create a virtually unlimited library of video courses.

You’ll never even need to  search for your own content 

Just some of the niches you get are...
  • Blogging and copywriting collection
  • ​Business and entrepreneurship collection
  • Cures and remedies collection
  • ​Diet and weight loss collection
  • ​Education and employment collection
  • ​Finances collection
  • ​Fitness collection
  • ​Health collection
  • ​Hobbies collection
  • ​Web traffic collection
  • Home and garden collection
  • ​How to collection
  • ​Internet and affiliate marketing collection
  • ​Parenting and baby collection
  • ​Personal development collection
  • ​Pets collection
  • ​Relationships and dating collection
  • ​Restaurant and cooking collection
  • ​Social media collection
  • ​Technology collection

You can make virtually unlimited video courses and you’ll never need to search for or create any content.

$297 Value

Elearn Empire Website Creator Software

The eLearn Empire Website Creator Software is the fastest and easiest way to create stunning websites.

Drag-n-drop simple means you don't need any tech skills or design experience to create sites so amazing it looks like you paid experts to make them for you.

Includes over 200 done-for-you templates.

Just choose a template, edit in a few clicks, and publish your brand new site to your own domain or we'll even host it for you for free!

Get your new site from zero to online in minutes with the easiest website design software ever!

Check Out The Stunning Website Creator Software
with Over 200+ Built-in Done-for-You Templates

$997 Value

Niche Website Salespage Templates Package

A collection of professional niche website salespage templates with thanks and terms 
pages youcan edit and use to start selling your video courses in minutes.

The easy-edit premium minisite templates have salepage, download page, and terms pages
templates included so it’s everything you need. You can edit anything and everything on these
pages in minutes without needing to know HTML or coding or tech skills.

You’ll look like a marketing pro even if you’ve never 
made website before

You’ll look like a marketing pro even if you’ve never made a website before. And you can edit these in 
minutes to fit any video course in any niche. These are full minisites so they include salespage, download/thanks page, and terms pages and you can customize anything and everything and get them 
live on the internet to make sales in minutes.

If You Can Click A Mouse And Type On
Your Keyboard You Can Make Websites That Sell For You... That’s How Easy It Is...

$497 Value

Instant Traffic Hacks...

I am going to walk you through step by step my exact process for getting an army of affiliates and I’m going to give you the templates and the process too!
  • Affiliate Traffic Hacks
  • Email Traffic Hacks
  • ​Facebook Traffic Hacks
  • ​Forum Traffic Hacks
You Think If You Could Tap Into 100,000s Of People
Ready To Sell Your Products You Could Make Sales?
Yeah! Of COURSE You Could!

You just need to follow the right process nothing else matters

If you can send emails and IMs  and make posts on social media you can get free traffic and make sales. In fact, it's actually the ONE primary approach I’ve used to get free traffic for years...  As you can see I have sold MILLIONS and I don't spend 1 dime on ads or traffic. It’s Like Having A BuiltIn  Traffic Machine  Whenever You Need It

$297 Value


Niche Video Themes 
Package $297 Value

A collection of niche video themes you can apply to your videos in 1 click to make your video courses sell like crazy.

Niche themes for all of the hottest niches that take your video courses to a whole new level You get themes like: Entrepreneur Fitness Health Personal Growth  Relationships And more.

You get 27 awesome niche themes and we’ll preload them into the software.

 SMART  E-Cover Templates $497 Value 

Collection of stunning 3D rendered ecovers for your products in just a few clicks.

Just edit what you want and click a button and get your beautiful 3D ecover in seconds.

Mockups of laptops, PCs, DVDs and DVD cases, mobiles, tablets, and combo bundles.

Make as many as you want the smart templates are yours to keep. Collection Of Professional Niche Ecover Artwork

Collection Of Professional Niche Ecover Artwork $197 Value

Just add any design to the SMART ecover template, edit what you want, and click to create your awesome 3D ecover.
These are high resolution, super sharp and professional designs and they are fully editable.

Any and every niche is included, and every visual
element is editable so you can customize any way 
you like

That’s A Total Value $7,349

And Look At All The Stuff You Can Cancel And Replace
If you use...Video Creation Software (Camtasia, Premiere Pro, Final Cut)
Website builders (OptimizePress, Clickfunnels, Wix) 
Graphic Designers (outsourced or even in house)
Video Producers (outsourced or even in-house)
Webmasters (outsourced or even in-house)

SAVE A Truckload On..

Camtasia.............................................................................................................. $249
Premiere Pro........................................................................................................ $249
Final Cut Pro........................................................................................................ $299
1 Outsourced Video........................................................................................... $1,000
OptimizePress...................................................................................................... $149
GoDaddy............................................................................................................... $100
Bluehost................................................................................................................ $100
1 Outsourced Website....................................................................................... $1,000
You no longer need them for this. So with everything you’re getting...
You can Already  SAVE Over $1,000. 

Because If You’re Using Any Of Those Tools
Now You Can Get Rid Of Them. Just Camtasia or Premiere Pro, and 
Optimize Press, would  cost you over $500. 

And getting just a single video created and a single website designed would cost you at least  another $1,500. 

When I was buying videos I was spending up to $3,000 PER video... so those estimates are
actually low. 

When I was buying videos I was spending up to  $3,000 PER video... so those estimates are
actually low. 

That’s At LEAST $2,000 You’re SAVING Right Up Front
So I Have A Question For You... Let’s Say You Modeled What Works And Say You're New
So You Only Get 10% Of What I Did...Would $400,000 Change Your Life?

What Would You Do? What Would You Buy? Or Say It Goes Really Bad And
You Only Do 1%...That’s  40K. $40K Is Over $3,000  Per Month. What Would You do 
With An Extra 3,000 Per Month?

Pay Off Your Bills? Make Your Car Payment Or Mortgage Payment?
The Point Is You Don’t Need To Be Perfect You Just Need To Follow The SYSTEM.

It’s all EXTRA money we’re talking about you can keep whatever income you have 
now and ADD this to it. Talk about financial security.

Not relying on anyone else financially. That’s a GREAT feeling.

Let Me Share With You A Couple Of People Who Have 
Used My Previous Products..

This is Todd Gross
He Used To Be A TV Weatherman And Now He Has An Online Business
He Sent Me A Video With His Results And He said...

“Brought in over $45,000 in sales
and the system keeps generating sale after sale.”

Results not typical.  Typical results are none since this is a new program.  Results in this testimonial were from a different offer and shown as an example of what's possible not as a promise or guarantee of your results or future results

Isn’t that awesome?
Would $45,000 extra dollars with more coming in everyday change your life?
I know it’s changed my life.
 This is Steve Texter
He Likes To See Stuff He Invests In Action. He Sent Me A Video With His Results And He Said... 
 And this is Walt Bayliss
He’s A Super Cool Guy From Australia and Sent Me a Video In His Aussie Accent and Said...

“I was very skeptical.  I was on a webinar and bought your product…had it up & running in 4 days from purchasing and made my money back in 2.5 weeks.”

Results not typical.  Typical results are none since this is a new program.  Results in this testimonial were from a different offer and shown as an example of what's possible not as a promise or guarantee of your results or future results

“It changed my life in Internet marketing.  I had questions, and every time I had a question (no matter how annoying I was) it was answered in a blink.”

Results not typical.  Typical results are none since this is a new program.  Results in this testimonial were from a different offer and shown as an example of what's possible not as a promise or guarantee of your results or future results

Every dollar he made after his first 2.5 weeks is pure profit wouldn’t that be cool?  Imagine having a business so effective that after a couple weeks you keep every dollar you make.  That is life-changing freedom.
I got the chance to meet Walt in person at an event and he credits ME with helping him make his 1st $100,000 online. Truth is HE did it not me by using a system I created and following the training. The system is the key. 

“I was very skeptical.
I was on a webinar and bought your product…had it up & running in 4 days from purchasing and made my money back in 2.5 weeks.”

Results not typical.  Typical results are none since this is a new program.  Results in this testimonial were from a different offer and shown as an example of what's possible not as a promise or guarantee of your results or future results

Who This Works For.

  • You want to make money online
  • You want to start a digital business
  • You want to add profit to your existing online business
  • You want to replace your job income
  • You want to add extra money to your income
  • You want freedom to live however you want
  • You want total financial security
  • You’re new and have no experience
  • You’ve tried but got little or no results
  • You’re not sure where to start
  • You’re overwhelmed by too much info
  • You keep learning but aren’t doing
  • You want to spend money without ever worrying about what stuff costs again
  • You want to end money worries forever

So Here’s A Recap Of What You’re Gonna Get...

E-Learn Empire Master Class $997
E-Learn Empire Product Creator Software $497
1,000+ eBook Library With Private Label Rights $297
E-Learn Empire Website Creator Software $997
Niche Website Salespage Templates Package $497
Instant Traffic Hacks $997

Bonus #1

Niche Video Themes Package $297

Bonus #2

SMART eCover 
templates $197

Bonus #3

Collection Of Professional Niche Ecover Artwork $197

That’s A Total Value $7,349

Act Now! Special Early Bird Discount!  Just $27  

Now Obviously I’m Not Charging You $7,349... 

But Let’s Just Say That I Did...
If All This Did Was FINALLY Get You a Digital Business That
Makes You REAL Money Day After Day...Would it be worth it? 

If All This Did Was Make you sales and profit 24 hours a day 7 days
week...even while you work your job or do whatever you want...
Would it be worth it?

If All This Did Was Create digital products, setup websites, and
generate traffic for you... Would it be worth it?

If All This Did Was Save you months or years of trial and e rror and the $1,000s you’d spend on buying an trying countless tools and products...
Would it be worth it?

If   This Saves You $1,000s  On What You’d Spend On Other Tools, Products And Programs...The Fact Is It Wouldn’t Actually Cost You ANYTHING.

So You Have Two Choices...


You Can Leave Today And Nothing Will ChangeMy Guess Is If You're Here Something Needs To Change Am I Right?


You Can Make A Small Investment Today (Compared To All the Value You’re Going To Get In return)  And Give It A Shot. Just Try It Out. If I Can’t Help You Make Money...I Don’t Deserve Yours

You're Backed By Our 30 Day No Questions Asked 
Money Back Guarantee

Signup today and if you don’t like it for ANY reason (I don’t care if it’s 29 days, 23 hours and59 minutes from now) just let me know and we’ll give you your money back 
You do not have to make that decision today. 

You have 30 days to try it out and decide whetheryou like it or not.Signup now, gothrough the programuse the software, use the training, create products, setupwebsites, get traffic, make sales...Use it as much as you want for 30 days... and 30 days from now decide if it’s worth $27. 
if it’snot, we’ll refund 100% of your money

So Here’s A Recap Of What You’re Gonna Get...

  • eLearn Empire Master Class $997
  • eLearn Empire Product Creator Software $497
  •  1,000+ eBook Library With Private Label Rights $297
  • eLearn Empire Website Creator Software $997
  • Niche Website Salespage Templates Package $497
  • Instant Traffic Hacks $997

Exclusive Launch BONUSES!

  • Niche Video Themes Package ($297 value)
  • Bonus #2: SMART eCover templates ($197 value)
  • Bonus #3: Collection Of Professional Niche Ecover Artwork ($197 value)

TOTAL VALUE $7,349.00



NOW ONLY $27.00!




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